We guide students along their own path.​​

Compass Point Learning, L.L.C.


​Oak Park & River Forest

  Ms. Bonecutter
​  Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change
  the world."  In concordance with Mandela's perspective on education, I view it as the uniquely
  important opportunity of professionals to transform lives and further society by creating knowledge
  and utilizing this knowledge towards innovation, invention, and improvement.  This special
  opportunity that teachers are given to educate children allows these kids to become well-informed
​  adults who are adequately prepared to change our world.  This is what I most deeply value and
  truly love about being a​ teacher.

  ​Ms. Kelly
 Education and teaching young people came to me through the performing arts.  Ballet is taught 
  through careful planning, scaffolding, and constant practice; strengthening and training each
  muscle group so that they can move together with grace and beauty.   The process of helping
  children read, write, and do arithmetic is one of the same as training a professional dancer.   I truly
  enjoy having the opportunity to educate students one-on-one.  This allows me to focus on their
  strengths and goals, build a relationship, and create an environment were learning is happening. 
  When a child has the fundamentals to learn and then the confidence to continue, school can
​ become a stage where both exploration and success are performed.  

  ​Ms. Moran
  While I do enjoy classroom work, the one-on-one aspect of tutoring taps into more of my strengths
  and the excitement I feel about working with people -- the ability to quickly identify the roadblocks
  and being able to address them more efficiently.  I love seeing that lightbulb of understanding
  switch on!

  ​Ms. Vanderhill
  What I love about tutoring is that it provides a learning environment in which the student is taught
  as an individual, at her own pace, with her distinct goals, needs, and learning style in mind.  
  Connecting with students and helping them to build confidence and be successful in school is a very
  rewarding experience.  As a former teacher and school administrator I miss those experiences, and
  tutoring has provided an opportunity for me to return to them.

  All of Compass Point Learning's tutors adhere to the National Association of Tutoring's Code of Ethics:


  • I understand that my role as a tutor is to never do the student's work for him or her.
  • I will give honest feedback to the student I serve and will not insult my student with false hope or empty flattery; I will always demonstrate faith in my student's learning abilities.
  • I understand that my relationship to the student is professional and not personal.
  • I will show respect for my student's cultural background and personal value system.
  • I recognize that I may not have all the answers to student questions.  In this event, I will seek assistance in finding answers to the student's questions and/or direct the student to an appropriate resource for the information.
  • I will maintain accurate records of tutoring sessions as expected and required.
  • I will respect my student's personal dignity at all times.
  • I will be on time for tutoring appointments, not only out of courtesy, but to be a good example for my student to follow.
  • I will keep all information about the student whom I am assigned confidential.
  • I understand that my ultimate goal is to assist my student in learning how he or she best learns and to help my student develop the skills to achieve his or her best, most efficient learning.
  • I will share any concerns I have with my supervisor.
  • I expect to learn along with my student.
  • I will keep current in both my subject area(s) and learning methodologies.
  • I will remain flexible to my approach to student learning, respectful of the various learning styles.
  • I will share techniques for improved study skills with my students.​