What students say about our tutors:

We guide students along their own path.​​

 "My tutor helped me in math, reading, and writing, because I
  needed help on them the most.  The tutoring sessions felt easy
  because she breaks things down step-by-step and then I can
  apply it in school.  The best part thing I got out of it was
  learning the x axis and y axis because we practiced that until I
  learned and fully understood it.  Also, I like having someone
  other than my parents because I seem to get more frustrated
  with them.  I would recommend my tutor
  because she has lots of knowledge!"
​Rashaad, Grade 5  
​Oak Park, 2015  

What parents say about our tutors:

 "We have been working with our wonderful tutor for 5 years with the
  initial intention to help our daughter build up stronger writing skills as
  she prepared to transition from middle school to high school. Our
  tutor made an assessment on what was learned but not mastered and
  subsequently formulated an excellent plan to help Amelia not only
  improve but excel at her writing skills. As a result, the transition to
  high school was seamless despite the heavy workload. During high
  school years, our tutor has been helping Amelia on the challenging
  essay assignment and fostering her confidence in writing. Our tutor
  and Amelia bonded closely over the years, which also greatly
  contributed. to Amelia's continued academic and personal growth. We
  cannot. thank our tutor enough for her professional knowledge,
  personal commitment and kind heart towards our family." 
                                                                                                   Amelia's mom
                                                                                                   Oak Park 2020 

 "If you need any tutoring help for yourself, e.g. brushing up on
  writing or math skills, or for your kids' studies, preparing essays
  and college. applications, etc. I highly recommend Joanna
  Moran and company at Compass Point Learning.  They are
Recent applicant for Masters Degree   
and parent of high schooler   
  Oak Park, 2020  

 "We have been working with our tutor and the Compass Point team for 
  almost two years to assist us, first, with our daughter's transition to
  high school and continuing with organizational, planning and similar
  skill development.  Our tutor has been a great and thoughtful resource
  and coach for our daughter and our family.  Communication and
  feedback are timely and informative.  We'd enthusiastically
  recommend our tutor and the Compass Point team."
  Oak Park, 2019 

 "I was so thrilled with the work my son's tutor did to help him manage
  the college essay process.  The entire college application process can be
  so stressful for students, and having structure in place with a set time
  each week to focus on the college essays helped immeasurably.  The
  tutor was great at helping him brainstorm topics and providing him
  with valuable feedback on his drafts.  She was very positive and
  encouraging and made the entire process so much smoother!"

​Ryan's mom  
​Oak Park, 2016  

Compass Point Learning, L.L.C.


​Oak Park & River Forest

  "My son's tutor worked with him on reading comprehension, writing,
  and 5th grade math.  My goals for the relationship were to make sure
  that Rashaad had a good foundation on reading comprehension and to
  improve his writing skills and his comprehension of math concepts.
  The end goal was to improve his grades.  The best thing Rashaad
  received from the experience has been more confidence in his ability to
  do well in school.  Both his grades and his Map Test scores increased
  dramatically!  We are from Georgia where the standards are lower than
  in Illinois, especially the Oak Park district.  Many of the Oak Park
  children were ahead of Rashaad, and at times it felt as if he was
  struggling to keep up even after we had used another tutoring company.
  The one-on-one interaction with Rashaad's tutor has given him more
  confidence, and he's very comfortable with her which encourages him
  to do his best.  I would recommend her because of her ability to break
  down math and reading concepts to make them easily understandable
  to children.  She's also very personable and adapts to the needs of the
  child.  She has proven to be an invaluable partner in my child's
  educational experience!"
Rashaad's mom  
Oak Park, 2015  

  “My son’s tutor worked with him on reading, math and test preparation
  during both 3rd grade and 4th grade.  My goals for the relationship 
  between the tutor and my son were to see his test scores increase to
  grade level (or higher) and for him to be more organized and develop
  good study habits.  I feel that my son likes his tutoring sessions.  His
  tutor is very patient with him and is very encouraging.  He sees that he
  has made some progress, and that is very encouraging to him.  I would
  recommend my son’s tutor for her ability to help a student organize his
  thoughts, school work, and homework, and for her individualized
  approach to learning.  She is aware that each student learns 
  differently, and she develops an individualized approach to tutoring. 
  This, I feel, let’s the student know that he can learn and understand
  what is being presented to him in class.”

Carson's mom  

​River Forest, 2015


 "My wife and I are both communication professionals, so we were sure
  we could help our daughter craft strong essays on our own.  But to no
  surprise, Jana didn't welcome our input.  She knew she needed help,
  but wanted it to come from someone other than her parents, someone
  who would help her discover her own voice on her own terms.  Enter
  our Compass Point Learning tutor, who did a fantastic job of helping
  Jana prepare powerful college essays customized to the interests of the
  ten plus universities that she applied to.  She had a 93% acceptance
  rate, and we attribute much of that success to the help she got from
  Compass Point Learning."

​Jana's dad  
​Oak Park, 2018