Experienced and professional English teachers

  available to work with your student.

  We get them started and guide their essay writing

  through the entire process — mining for great

  topics, organizing ideas, and ultimately creating

  well-written essays that highlight student’s unique

  characteristics and abilities.

  Our understanding of the process and what the

  colleges are looking for help make this potentially

  stressful time a more positive experience.

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4-session package​!

​​Did you know?

You can hire a tutor to review student essay drafts!

​  Our tutors are also available this year to spend 1-4 sessions with students to review rough drafts of

  their essays.  Drafts will be sent to the tutor in advance of the session. During the session, tutors,

  with their knowledge of colleges expectations, will offer comments and suggestions related to the

  chosen topic, how well it answers the prompt, as well as grammar and language issues.  After the

  first session ($65), they will determine if any additional sessions might be helpful. 

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